Parity Trust  – Origination and adminstration software solution

Parity Trust is a specialist financial organisation that provides first and second charge mortgages to both individuals and communities. They are committed to helping provide affordable loans and mortgages, through bespoke packages to those who are potentially marginalised from accessing mainstream finance opportunities.

The Challenge

Parity Trust had an existing in house system that provided them with loan administration services. However, they decided to review their current system as it no longer had the required capability to meet the demands of their growing business and products they offered. They were looking for a system that would be able to not only manage their growing customer base, but provide them with further functionality to enable them to access and rapidly develop new document templates in house. The existing manual systems not only added an additional layer of cost but also increased turnaround timescales leading to delays.

The Solution

After operating a tender process and speaking to a number of potential suppliers, Parity Trust selected Target to provide our Bluechip loan origination and administration software. This system provided them with a modern, scalable platform able to support their growing business needs. Target Bluechip was able to solve their issues around products and document production, with functionality allowing them to develop and manage the process in-house.

We were allocated a team with a main contact and given a bespoke service for a smooth transition. We liaised with the development team and found them to be extremely helpful and knowledgeable, explaining things at a level that corresponded to our technical knowledge whilst ensuring they fully understood our needs, taking time to research our requirements to ensure full compatibility.

Parity Trust

The Results

After the implementation of Target Bluechip into their business,  Partiy Trust benefitted from a number of additional software elements not present in their previous system including:

  • Automated document production and the capability to create and manage all template documents themselves
  • Ability to communicate via letter, email and text message with complete audit trail of all system generated communications
  • User friendly transaction ledger where transaction types can be defined by the lender
  • Capability to assign specific investor funds to loans and have reporting functionality for each investor fund
  • Extensive suite of processing and financial reports
  • Configurable processing automation driven by application status change

System training was comprehensive and personalised, future proofing our needs to accomodate growth. Functionally, the system aids communication and efficiencies with clients and internal proceeses and external compliant requirements.

Parity Trust